- Rent a Radio -

Do you need two or hundreds of radios? You can easily rent these online at Secured. We specialize in renting these communication devices and are happy to provide you with appropriate advice.


Rent per day, week, month or for longer than a year. When you have an:

  • Event
  • Fair
  • Concert
  • Sports competition

Or any other activity where you need radios.


Communicating over short or long distance? With the radios you are able to communicate super-fast  to one or more users at the same time. With the push of a button you can reach everyone in the group, without delays. 

Need an even greater range? Then you can also contact us for renting a repeater. This increases the range of the network by tens of kilometers.


Which products do you choose?
It is useful to know what distance you want to bridge.

For example, you can often get along well with a radio at a small fair and it is often a better solution at an event spread over several halls.

Do you need help choosing between radios? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Do you need extra batteries, earphones or a handheld microphone during the rental period? Fill in the quote form on this page or contact us for appropriate advice.

Delivery or Pickup

Delivery and collection at your location
Employees deliver, collect and install the rental products on site. In addition to all this, they are happy to help you and they can give you and your team clear instructions about how the products work.

The advantages of ordering from Secured

We specialize in the sale and maintenance of our radios. In addition, we also provide  lone worker systems, alarm receivers and call systems. These can be used for various industries such as emergency response, industrial security, healthcare and more. We offer you push-to-talk systems that can alert large groups of people within seconds. Of course, with 100% reliability and without delay.

In addition, we also have all kinds of parts and accessories such as batteries, earphones, cases and more.

Contact us today!

Contact us today for a free quote, explanation, training or a hands on trial.

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