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Do you want to buy, lease or rent our radios? We are happy to help you make the right choice. We only work with major brands!

Licensed Radio's (UHF/VHF)

We have a wide range of radios and their accessories to effectively use the means of communication for various industries. Within the professional radios there are two different types: Analog and Digital.

  • Analog radios have a range of approximately 5 to 10 km in open field.
  • Digital radios have approximately 25% more range with the same power and the voice quality remains at a consistently high level.


If the range of the licensed radio is not sufficient, you can connect the radios to the repeaters to increase the coverage. It is possible to use repeaters on both licensed analog and digital radios. A repeater amplifies the range from the point where the repeater is placed without any delays. 

License Free Radio's

Radios for short range, that works in the PMR band (446 MHz), no license is required for this band. These radios have a transmission power of up to 0,5 watts. this is often a range of 1 kilometers in optimal conditions.

Suitable for: 

Restaurants, Hotels, Beach and other industries


The advantages of ordering from Secured

We specialize in the sale and maintenance of our radios. In addition, we also provide all communication networks, lone worker systems, alarm receivers and call systems. These can be used for various industries such as emergency response, industrial security, healthcare and more. We offer you push-to-talk systems that can alert large groups of people within seconds. Of course, with 100% reliability and without delay.

In addition, we also have all kinds of parts and accessories. You can think of extra batteries, earphones, cases and more.

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