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We are Secured, the leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical radio communications established in Curacao.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best of different communications technologies such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Radio with celelular capabilities (Smart). Hereby presenting customer-oriented solutions that empowers users to work with higher efficiency and safety.

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Communicate instantly and simultaneously with all your team members

  • Instant Push-to-Talk
  • Unlimited coverage and endless functionality
  • Emergency sos, one-to-one call, instant messaging, real-time GPS location, dispatch application, and more
  • PTT radios with their specialized accessories

GPS Geo location

View the GPS position of other team members in real time.

One-to-One Call

Transmit a call to one member wherever they are.


Our operation center

Emergency SOS

Allow each team member to make send an emergency alarm by simply pressing a button on their radio.

Dispatch Dashboard

Manage user group and view communications, positions, voice, location of users via our dedicated hub.

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